The Practice Rooms, Sheffield

For in-person appointments I work from The Practice Rooms, Sheffield. The venue offers a choice of quiet, comfortable rooms, set within a pleasant period property in Broomhill. Rooms are furnished to a high standard, each with its own character and charm. 

The Practice Rooms
5 Broomfield Road, Sheffield, S10 2SE

Entry to the Building

There is no waiting area, so please arrive only a couple of minutes before your session time. Press the buzzer for the room colour, which I’ll give you before the appointment. I’ll come to the door to welcome you and let you in.

Car Parking

Car parking is available at both the front and rear of the building. The main car park is at the rear, accessible from Newbould Lane through the arch in the Hallam Physiotherapy car park.


There are a few steps up to the front door, however, the rear of the building has stair free access. Rooms are located over three floors. Please let me know if you need a downstairs room or access without using stairs.


The Practice Rooms are Covid secure, having been risk assessed and measures put in place. The Practice Room’s Covid Policy is available here

  • Hand sanitiser is available on entry to the building.
  • Cleaning products are available in each room and I wipe down touch points between sessions.
  • I ventilate the room between appointments. If you prefer, we can also have the window open during the session.
  • Where possible, room layouts provide at least a 2m gap between seating.
  • If you would prefer a larger room so we can sit further apart, please let me know when booking.
  • Drinking water will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own water or a soft drink if you prefer.
  • You are kindly asked to take any rubbish with you when you leave, especially tissues.
Front entrance of The Practice Rooms, Sheffield

Entrance to the main car park at the rear of The Practice Rooms