You may be feeling low, stuck and unsure how to move forward. Perhaps uncertainty and disruption from the pandemic and the various crisis going on the world have left you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and worried about the future. It could be you just don’t feel right, want a change or feel it would be helpful to talk something through. Counselling offers you a confidential, non-judgemental relationship with time and space for you to talk freely and work through your concerns.

Counselling offers a place to meet and be heard.

How I can Help

Whatever you bring to therapy, I aim to help you feel heard and understood with warmth and acceptance. I can help you make sense of things and uncover what may be holding you back. Working things through in therapy can support you to improve your relationship with yourself and others, understand your experiences from new perspectives, lift your mood, feel more confident, more balanced, less anxious and stressed.

We’ll work collaboratively, with respect for your aims and goals. If you’re not sure, I can help you find greater clarity. We all have different needs and preferences, and I adapt the work to suit you as an individual.

About Eleanor

I’m Eleanor McMillan, a fully qualified therapist with experience supporting clients with a variety of problems. I also have a wide range of life experience from which I draw insight when it seems helpful to the work. At the same time, I aim to keep respect for your own experience and unique response.

People have described me as warm, understanding, and accepting. It is important to me that I offer these qualities as a genuine part of who I am. As well as acceptance, I value connection and self-determination. I weave these into the work with the belief that they underpin our wellbeing and growth.

Details about my Counselling Service

Clarity about arrangements helps avoid misunderstandings and leaves us free to focus on the work of therapy. So before we begin working together, I’ll send you a copy of my therapy Working Agreement. This provide details about the working arrangements, including confidentiality. My Privacy Policy provides further details about how I store, use and protect your personal data. I’ll ask you to sign the Working Agreement to show your agreement. Before you do, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have and clarify anything that’s unclear.

Starting in Therapy with me

It can be daunting beginning therapy. To help you feel more at ease, the steps we take leading into therapy are designed with three things in mind. Firstly, to give you the details you need to make an informed choice. Secondly, to address any concerns you may have around therapy. Last, and not least, to create a space that feels trustful and safe. I hope to make it easy for you.

With this in mind, please feel free to message with any questions or concerns you may have. If you would find it helpful we can arrange a short call. Otherwise, if you feel ready to get started, please go ahead and tap the button below to contact me and book a first session.

Counselling online.

Convenient and accessible from your own private space.