My Approach

At the heart of my work is the relationship between myself and each client. We’re all different and need different things at different times. Therefore I work as an integrative therapist. This means I draw on a range of theories and skills and adapt the work to suit you. Specifically, my approach draws on humanistic and psychodynamic theory and practice. Additionally I use a holistic model to support working with all aspects of experience.


I aim to build a collaborative relationship that feels trustful. This is because therapy works best when you feel safe to share your experience and bring what may be difficult. I believe you are the expert on you, meaning your path towards change is yours to choose. I won’t tell you what to do or offer advice, but may offer suggestions or notice things as we explore. We will work together at a pace to suit your needs.


I believe we all have the capacity for change and growth and, given the right conditions, we can flourish. Through the empathic, genuine and non-judgemental relationship I strive to offer, I hope to provide a space where healing and growth can take place. I seek to understand you from your perspective, aiming to help you feel heard and understood with warmth and acceptance.


The past influences how we are in present. This can often be at an unconscious level, especially experiences from our early years. In our work together, we may explore childhood relationships and events. We may also seek to notice and understand patterns in relationships, behaviour and emotions.


There is a mutual influence between different aspects of self and the various contexts we inhabit. For this reason I work with the whole person, mind, body, behaviour, emotions and spirit. As part of the work, we may also consider the impact between self and others, social context and the environment.

I believe this holistic approach has several benefits. For example, greater self-awareness and understanding, promotion of balance and resilience, and the potential to effect deeper and longer lasting change.

I enjoy working creatively. In particular, I find using imagery and metaphor a powerful way to both explore experience and to effect change. Working with imagery can open up things that may be hard to express in words and touch what may be unconscious.